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This community is an icontest community for Julian Casablancas, lead singer/songwriter of The Strokes. Every week we will come up with a new

challenge featuring Julian and you will submit icons as a comment to the entry. Please follow the rules before submitting. The number of icons

you submit will depend upon the challenge.


1. All icons must fit LJ standards: 100x100, under 40 kb, .jpgf, .png, .gif.

2. No animations, hence the community name.

3. To make it fair, the icon you add for the challenge shouldn't be shown to anyone else until after the challenge is over. If we find the icon

posted somewhere you will be removed from that specific challenge!

4. When voting comes please don't vote for your icon and don't ask others to vote for you. Make it fair!

5. You cannot vote unless you are a member of the community and you must vote to be eligable to win! However, if you for any reason will not

have access to the computer for a certain time and you have submitted icons for that challenge then all you have to do is drop a comment.

6. Do not scavenge off with the icons without asking for the creator's permition first. And once you do, be sure to credit...

7. The policy for using icons submitted in the challenges: If you like an icon you comment to the post syaing what icon number you wish to use.

I will then post your request in the 'Winners' post, and the rest depends on whether the owner is okay with it or not. Please be sure to credit


8. The format of submitting your entries:


Any other format will not be accepted.

Sites such as www.photobucket.com or Imageshack are free and you can upload your icons onto them after registering. They will then provide you

with an img src code ad a URL for your picture which is what you need in order to submit your entries. I hate to be fussy guys but this is



Wednesday – New Challenge
Friday - Mid Week Reminder
Monday – Icons are due
Tuesday – Voting
Wednesday – Winners are posted along with the new challenge



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